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ARCOS presented Ether Dust to audiences in West Texas, sponsored by the Texas Commission on the Arts’ rural tour program and the Midland-based Rea Charitable Trust. The touring group presented this mobile version of the “Infinity Loop” interactive video performance-installation, and offered public workshops in Crane, Alpine, and Marfa, Texas, from March 14–18, 2023. In the workshops, community members and youth were invited to play inside the video mechanism and learn about the theory and practices behind the Ether series.

Ether Dust was designed to use a single mobile phone to capture intimate video angles of the dancers’ movements, projected onto a large inflatable screen, with the whole system powered by a solar generator that travels with the group. After the performances of Ether Dust, audiences were invited to play inside the infinity loop and experience first-hand the exciting mechanism of dancing with their past selves in projection.
• Choreography: Erica “EG” Gionfriddo with the performers
• Music + Media: Eliot Gray Fisher
• Media Interface: Benjamin Randall
• Tour Crew: Aisha Abassi, Derek Hansen
• Performers: Celeste Camfield, Bonnie Cox, Erica “EG” Gionfriddo, Mack Lawrence, Oddalys Salcido

- Texas Commission on the Arts rural tour program, Crane/Alpine/Marfa, TX, March 13–18, 2023