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Eventual Vestige


Interrupted by hazy memories, half-formed premonitions, or imagined events, this transmedia dance performance streamed online while it was performed live, creating a document of a digital artifact of an alternate reality to the one witnessed by the audience inside the room. 

This experiment featured a live house performance streamed live to Facebook, where it was periodically interrupted by pre-recorded video of a character who did not appear in the live performance. Live and virtual audiences engaged with different versions of reality, each with different elements missing from the nebulous narrative.

• Live Choreography: Curtis Uhlemann
• Filmed Movement Direction: Curtis Uhlemann, Erica “EG” Gionfriddo
• Music and Media: Eliot Gray Fisher
• Filmed Performer: Erica “EG” Gionfriddo
• Live Performers: Alexa Capareda, Alyssa Johnson, Hailley Laurèn, Taryn Lavery, Connor Timpe

- Hyde Park Theatre’s FronteraFest: Mi Casa Es Su Teatro, Eventual Vestige, 16-minute live and livestreaming performance, Austin TX, February 11, 2017