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In the Ether

American Dance Festival


ARCOS joined the prestigious lineage of artists sharing dance repertory with students at the American Dance Festival (ADF) for their virtual 2021 Summer Dance Intensive. A revised interactive web-based experience In the Ether premiered as a student repertory project with an online performance presentation. Introducing this experimental methodology to the ADF family and continuing the research in hybrid human–techno performance revealed new depths to the ongoing Ether series.
• Artistic Director: Erica “EG” Gionfriddo
• Media Director and Music: Eliot Gray Fisher
• Assistant Directors: Erica Saucedo, Ginnifer Joe, Rachel Nayer, Mack Lawrence
• TA: Chelsea Hilding
• Media and Web Design: Benjamin Randall
• Web Development: Georgina Garza, Leon Cai
• Performers: Joi Brown, Cate Cameron, Lu Chen, Erica Codd, Addison Cox, Sara Dellinger, Rae Dougherty, Livy Giron, Kate Henderson, C. Macko, Chloe Mahalek, Barbara McAlister, Lucy Mundschau, Margaux Nicolas, Skye Reddy, Jordan Shadley, Becca Stone

- American Dance Festival, Residency, Virtual/Durham NC, June 21-July 17, 2021