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In the Ether (ATX)


ARCOS brought this live hybrid incarnation of In the Ether to audiences both online and in intimate, in-person showings throughout Austin. This iteration continued the series’ experiments at the edges of  consumer technologies to expand our relationships to bodies, space, and time. The piece was an invitation into a virtual “third” space between us, the ether, in order to slow down, pause, reflect, and connect to our bodies—and each other—to consider what we are willing to change in this moment of global transition.
Those seeking an in-person experience reserved a limited seat at any of multiple locations across the city of Austin to witness performers engaged in a durational movement practice. Online audiences navigated the browser-based experience, including an archive of documentation of the series, a pre-filmed performance with over a dozen interactive camera angles, and live portals to the in-person locations’ simultaneous video streams.

• Directors: Erica “EG” Gionfriddo, Eliot Gray Fisher
• Media and Web Design: Benjamin Randall
• Web Development: Georgina Garza, Leon Cai
• Music: Eliot Gray Fisher
• Performers: Celeste Camfield, Bonnie Cox, Ginnifer Joe, Taryn Lavery, Mackenzie Lawrence, Rachel Meador, Rachel Nayer, Oddalys Salcido, Erica Saucedo
• Scenic Design: Iman Corbani
• Set Construction: Iman Corbani, Travis Eisenberg
• Costume Design: Laura Gonzales
• Lighting Design: Kendra Wiley
• Assistant Lighting Design: Emily Novack

- Partner venues: Casa de Saucedo, Charles Johnson House, Crux, dadaLab, ICOSA, The Museum of Human Achievement, Paperboy, The Riley, and Umlauf Sculpture Garden; Austin, TX, July 7-14 2020