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In the Ether

SHIFT|Dance Festival


digital identity dysphoria: a state of dissonance and distress resulting from the disconnect between one’s digital persona and actual identity.

In the Ether is a looping, livestreaming experiment delving into the mechanism of social media and the ways in which it asks us to perform our identities online. Through challenging the assumption of intimacy and masks of perfection pervading our digital interactions, In the Ether tests the boundaries of what we are willing to share and consume—both on and offscreen—by working to expose the guts of what it means to perform—both on and offstage.
• Choreography and Performance: Erica “EG” Gionfriddo
• Music and Media: Eliot Gray Fisher
• Additional Performers: Kaitlin Innis, Sarah Hogland-Gurulé, Samantha Katz, Madrone Matysiak

- SHIFT|Dance Festival commissioned artist, Albuquerque NM, September 28, 2017