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Something Cool is a radio show hosted by Beanie Kaman on Santa Fe’s public radio station KSFR that specializes in jazz. In 2011, Beanie played pieces by Charles Mingus on the program to promote ARCOS’ performances that featured work choreographed to his posthumous composition, The Children's Hour of Dream.

Audio Transcript

[vocal jazz music]

Beanie Kaman: And welcome everyone. It is time for Something Cool. I’m Beanie Kaman here with you. All right. This last set is going to be about two different—music inspired from two different happenings coming up here. The first one is Bert Dalton and his Brazil Project, and he’s going to be down at the Outpost. The second is inspired from Charles Mingus.

ARCOS Dance company is going to be doing performances both this coming weekend and the next, so the 6th and 7th, and then the 13th, 14th and 15th. And they’re a dance company, particularly for older teens. And it’s not a school, it’s a company. So that’s very cool. They're going to do two whole—let's see, a performance, but they’re going to include two different Mingus pieces, which is great to have jazz. And the pieces they’re going to dance to are, listened to them, are going to be very, they’re very visual pieces.

I think the performances will be great. So, I’m going to give you their phone number in case you don’t know them. They’re 473-7434. You can certainly go get tickets, call them for tickets. Their website is From Mingus, we're going to hear from the Epitaph CD, which is some of Mingus’ most amazing work. And from that one, we are going to hear “Moods in Mambo.”

[music plays and fades]

Beanie Kaman: I talked about this in the first hour, but I was so inspired listening to this music that, I’m going to play something this hour as well from Mingus. The ARCOS Dance company: they are the ones. They're on Pacheco Street here in Santa Fe. And they’re doing performances both this weekend and next, which will be the 13th, 14th, and 15th. They are young dance company with some young adults and teens and really fill a void, I think, for all of those dancers here in Santa Fe when you’re not too young and you’re not too old.

So if you are interested in their performance, you can call them at 473-7434 or you can go to their website, which is arcos dance, A-R-C-O-S, And two of the pieces that they’re going to be doing are inspired from Charles Mingus, from the EpitaphCD, and then another one from, Bohemia CD. And so I spent the week listening to some Mingus, which got me going. So that’s why I’m doing it twice here, from first hour and second hour. What piece—I’m going to play a piece called “Jump Monk” from the Bohemia CD. It’s not one of the ones they’re going to be dancing to, but it’s just such a great piece. We’re going to check it out.

So, there we go. And then after that we’re going to go to Tineke Postma. I think that is how we say her name. Her CD is called The Dawn of Light. And we’re going to hear the tune “Tell It Like It Is.” Tineke is a saxophonist and…where is she from? I forget. I’ll find out and let you know when we get back. Here’s Mingus, “Jump Monk.”