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Spheres (2016)

This installation-performance was the culmination of our experiments with our DIY-hacked brand of augmented reality. Festival-goers could experience these pre-recorded, 360-degree, site-specific videos on their phones at three locations during the festival in two ways: either asychronously whenever they visited the sites, or integrated with hybrid live dance performances at specific dates and times.

• Choreography: Curtis Uhlemann and Erica “EG” Gionfriddo
• Music: Eliot Gray Fisher and Brandon Guerra
• Performers: Alexa Capareda, Erica “EG” Gionfriddo, Katie Hopkins, Alyssa Johnson, Hailley Laurèn, Taryn Lavery, Felicia McBride-Guerra, Sarah Navarrete

- Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival: Spheres site-specific video art and live performance, San Antonio, TX, November 10–12, 2016.
  • Nov 10: Hays Street Bridge
  • Nov 11: Lockwood Park/Carver Center
  • Nov 12: Artist Brunch at Carver Center