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In this interactive, immersive performance/game, you are thrust into a world of beings without verbal language. The audience/players must attempt to learn the meaning of the system of gestures that the dancing figures use to communicate with each other—and with others like you whom they visit—with a motive and message that remains a mystery.

The Tower Is Us was inspired by indie videogames like Firewatch and Kentucky Route Zero, which plunge players into a world for them to wander around without explicit objectives. Tower allowed viewers to solve puzzles, choose the order of “levels” that the dancers would perform live, and, while there was a “winner” at the end, the decoded message was one of slowness and connection.
• Direction: Curtis Uhlemann, Erica “EG” Gionfriddo, Eliot Gray Fisher
• Choreography: Curtis Uhlemann, Erica “EG” Gionfriddo
• Media and Technology: Eliot Gray Fisher
• Lighting: Scott Vandenberg
• Music and Sound: Eliot Gray Fisher and Brandon Guerra
• Performers: Erica “EG” Gionfriddo, Alyssa Johnson, Kaite Hopkins, Hailley Laurèn, Taryn Lavery, Sarah Navarrete
• Voice Actors: Crystal Bird Caviel, Bug Davidson, Charles Gamble, Alexis Scott
audience/player photos 

- Texas State University, The Tower Is Us (A Prisoner’s Cinema), 70-minute interactive performance/game, San Marcos, TX, May 11–12, 2018

- Museum of Human Achievement, The Tower Is Us (A Prisoner’s Cinema) interactive performance/game invited workshop, Austin, TX, February 19, 2018

- Casa de Reyes, The Tower Is Us, 1-hour immersive installation-performance, San Antonio, TX, January 7,  2017

- Revolve Movement Display, The Tower Is Us, 2-hour immersive installation-performance Austin TX, November 4, 2016