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The Warriors: A Love Story

Inspired by an actual family legacy, The Warriors: A Love Story confronts the disturbing beauty and profound devastation of war. Searching through his grandmother’s trunk after her death, Eliot, a young musician, is transported into the past by the physical mementos he encounters. Moment after fractured moment reveal the intertwined lives of Ursula, a German dancer and survivor of the Allied bombing of Dresden, and Glenn, an American philosopher and war veteran.

An ensemble of dancers, archival media, interactive video projections, and live music conjure up an entire universe emerging from a single small trunk: Plato’s allegory of the Cave; all-too-seductive military indoctrination; an adventurous modern dancer’s horrific flight through her burning city; the philosophy professor’s struggle to make sense of chaos; daily experience of contemporary drone pilots; the courtship of former “enemies” in postwar Munich; and a soldier’s epiphany upon nearly shooting his own reflection in an abandoned farmhouse in France. As the living memory of the older generations fade, The Warriors: A Love Story seeks to acknowledge the lives of those affected by war and honor the strength of those who act to end it.

The Warriors: A Love Story toured for four years after its premiere at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, NM, including an award-winning run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and returning “home” to Colorado Springs and the halls of Colorado College, where its real-life inspirations Glenn and Ursula lived out their personal philosophies together. From 2015, ARCOS partnered with local veteran organizations, volunteering and elevating the complex stories of those who live through warfare and how we take care of each other afterward.

• Choreography: Curtis Uhlemann, Erica “EG” Gionfriddo
• Music, Script, Media: Eliot Gray Fisher
• Musicians: Daniel Allinder, Christine Chen, Olivia Farrar, Karles McQuade, Abigail Monroe, Karina Wilson
• Performers (2013–2017): Alexa Capareda, Cora Cliburn, Eliot Gray Fisher, Erica “EG” Gionfriddo, Justin Golding, Katie Hopkins, Elle Jansen, Wes Jansen, Alyssa Johson, Karen Leigh, Clay Moore, Jimi Loc-Nguyen, Kelsey Paschich, Tessa Peterson, Phylicia Roybal, Connor Timpe, Curtis Uhlemann
• Design Collaborators (2013–2017): Chadney Everett, Rick Fisher, Michael Gionfriddo, Lily Wilson
- Blanton Museum of Art: SoundSpace: The Warriors: A Love Story suite, 25-minute dance, Austin TX, June 4, 2017

- Kansas City International Theatre Festival: The Warriors: A Love Story, 75-minute multimedia dance theater, Kansas City, MO, July 14–22, 2016. Community Partners: St. Michael’s Veterans Center, Veterans Community Project

- Long Center for the Performing Arts, Rollins Studio Theater: The Warriors: A Love Story, 75-minute multimedia dance theater, Austin, TX, September 11-12, 2015. Community Partners: ECHO, Corporation for National and Community Service, Veterans for Peace

- Colorado College: The Warriors: A Love Story, 75-minute multimedia dance theater, Colorado Springs, CO, September 4-5, 2015. Community Partner: Rocky Mountain Human Services

- Edinburgh Festival Fringe: The Warriors: A Love Story, 55-minute multimedia dance theater, Edinburgh, SCT, August 1-24, 2014

- Currents New Media Festival: The Warriors: A Love Story abridged, 30-minute multimedia performance excerpts, Santa Fe NM, June 14, 2014

- Center for Contemporary Arts: Premiere, The Warriors: A Love Story, 75-minute multimedia dance theater Santa Fe NM,  February 8–11, 2013