ANNI (Domain) at Texas State University

ANNITxStANNI (the Archival Narrative Network Initiative) is an interactive installation exploring the rapid evolution and impending ubiquity of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. Part of ARCOS Dance’s transmedia performance Domain, the installation collects audio from participants while carrying on brief, highly individualized conversations about the nature of humanity.

ANNI will be available for individual conversations from 6–7:30pm on Thursday, Sept 8, Friday Sept 9, and Saturday Sept 10, and from 12:30–2pm on Sunday, Sept 11. The exhibition will also be available during intermission of ARCOS’ premiere of the evening-length culmination of Domain. The installation is presented in the first floor lobby of the Performing Arts Center at Texas State University as part of Engagement: Symposium of Philosophy and Dance.

For more information, visit: and RSVP to the Facebook event.