ARCOS Performance | Tasteful // Austin, TX

ARCOS Performance | A Gastroaesthetic Adventure with Dance Installed

ARCOS performance

ARCOS performance—one evening only!

Life ain’t always sweet, that’s for certain. And let’s face it: Not everything tickles your fancy, turns your crank, trips your trigger. But what if you could snap your fingers to change your taste, just like that—even if only for an evening?

At Tasteful: A Gastroæsthetic Adventure with Dance Installed, our audience is invited to dress as their most bizarre alter egos, transform their tongues with the berry of the synsepalum dulcificum plant and experiment with unusual food and drink, and witness feats of terpsichorean folly that will tear their few remaining perceptions asunder. Join us.

8pm on May 19 at the Museum of Human Achievement (near Canopy).
Tickets: $10 at the door.

This show contains nudity and mature content.