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Tuesdays 10:15–11:45am
1050 E 11th Street, Austin

$10/class (cash/card/venmo)

This facilitated movement session is a form of Re/Training designed to connect us to the pleasure of our dancing body. Erica “EG” Gionfriddo verbally facilitates a stream-of-consciousness and responsive container for us to investigate our desires and habits while uncoupling from expectations that no longer serve us. Infusing deep anatomical investigation with exploratory risk, we work to blur the boundary between sensation and execution, experience and performance, training and play. Through continuous movement we challenge our physical, mental and imaginative stamina, increasing our capacity to hold complexity in ourselves and with each other.

A series of photos shot on a manual 35mm film camera of dancers Re/Training at Class + Coffee. Bodies appear mid-motion, expressive and expansive. Folks chat in the studio or pose with big smiles for the camera. Many images are grainy, underexposed, or out of focus. This varying quality reveals how anyone can become the photographer in class, and who took which photo is unknown. The final image is a double exposure of folks enjoying coffee together after class.

This project has been financed in whole or in part by the City of Austin’s Elevate Grant Program.