The following agreement is designed to protect all participating in ARCOS Dance Workshops, including participants, ARCOS Foundation for the Arts, and on-location Staff. As a participant, you must sign this form to indicate agreement and permission to participate.

  • I understand that participation in the ARCOS Dance Summer Choreography Workshop is entirely voluntary and that any program of travel involves some element of risk. I understand and I assume the risk of possible transportation delays, inadequate housing, and accidents. I agree (including my parents, guardians, or legal representatives) that I will not attempt to hold ARCOS Foundation for the Arts, its trustees, officers, employees, or agents liable in damages for injury, death or loss to person or property sustained by me while participating in or arising out of any travel or activity conducted by or under the auspices of ARCOS Dance.
  • I understand that ARCOS Dance reserves the right to make cancellations, changes, or substitutions in cases of emergency or changed conditions or in the interest of the group. Should ARCOS Dance cancel the Intensive for any reason, full refund of program fees will be made.
  • ARCOS is hereby granted permission to take photographs and video of the participants to use in brochures, websites, posters, advertisements and other promotional materials. Permission is hereby granted for ARCOS to copyright such photographs and video in its name, or the name of the photographer or videographer.
  • I understand that while I am at the intensive an emergency may develop which necessitates medical care, hospitalization, anesthesia or surgery. Where possible representatives of ARCOS Dance will contact my parents, guardians, or emergency contact prior to such treatment. However, this may not be practical depending upon the nature of the emergency, and I therefore authorize ARCOS Dance through its directors or agents to secure ambulance service, administration of an anesthesia and surgery.
  • Drug, alcohol, and tobacco product use will not be tolerated on the premises of and during the performance periods of the ARCOS workshop. Participants over the legal age are expected to be responsible with any alcohol or tobacco product use outside of the ARCOS workshop premises or performance periods, although it is strongly discouraged. Alcohol use by underage students is grounds for disciplinary termination.
  • I agree to pay all costs arising out of my voluntary or involuntary withdrawal from the ARCOS Dance Summer Choreography Workshop, prior to its completion for whatever reason, including withdrawal caused by illness or disciplinary action, as set forth above. I agree that I (including my parents, guardians, or legal representatives) shall not assert claims for or hold ARCOS Dance, its trustees, employees, officers, or agent responsible for any costs or losses resulting from such events.
  • I recognize Erica Gionfriddo, Executive Director, as the designated authority in matters pertaining to my compliance with the participation agreement of ARCOS Dance. In particular, I recognize her authority to dismiss me from the workshop if I do not adhere to the guidelines outlined in this agreement. If I engage in conduct that in her opinion may endanger or is detrimental to me, or any of the workshop participants, I forfeit my right to participate further in the workshop and agree to return to a designated domicile, if so instructed.



  • If you are currently taking any medications, you should bring sufficient supply for the duration of the workshop or ensure, prior to arriving, that you can get the particular medication you need.