Guidelines for Virtuality

For all these sessions, you will receive a Zoom link, but you are NOT LINKED TO YOUR SCREEN!

To set yourself up for optimal embodiment, we offer these guidelines and suggestions as ways to navigate how you are relating to virtuality at any given moment. It is our hope that in having the series last for a month you feel empowered to come and go as is useful to you, to listen to your needs and desires while also challenging what we think is possible in the virtual realm. We offer this structure as a landing, a tether to community, a portal into your imaginative body.


Download and open ZOOM ( It is also good to periodically check you have the most recent update installed (when app is open, click “” in your tool bar and click “Check for Updates”)

Make sure your device is FULLY CHARGED or connected to the charger.

For longer sessions (more than 1 hr), make sure your laptop / device charger is plugged in or nearby so you don’t have to search for it once a session begins.

If you are using wireless headphones / earbuds make sure they are fully charged before your session. Have a backup situation just in case.

Give yourself the gift of closing all other applications and turning off notifications. Equivalent to keeping your phone in your bag during class and not checking it except on breaks. Unless, of course, you are tending to / monitoring an urgent situation or emergency.


Join Meeting with the link sent to you in an email from

Select GALLERY VIEW in upper right corner to begin.

If you loose internet / WIFI connection during the meeting you can rejoin with the same link emailed to you. You can also call into the meeting from your phone. The number will be in the email you receive to join the session.

Stay muted when not actively speaking to the group. This will minimize feedback and echo for all participants.

The ZOOM MEETING will OPEN 15 minutes prior to start times.


We have sent you a ZOOM LINK but you are not LINKED TO YOUR SCREEN! Most of these sessions will not require you to watch the screen for cues so feel free to bring your (fully charged) devices anywhere that inspires you that day.

We encourage you to explore the options that make you feel the most at ease:

Stay in GALLERY VIEW, feel free to observe others only when it feels generative. Most sessions will be highly personal, but sometimes it’s nice to glean inspiration from others.

PIN the facilitator/instructor — click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of Re/Training’s video and select PIN

TURN OFF your own VIDEO — lower left hand corner of screen for LAPTOP and PHONE will have a microphone and video camera icon you can turn on and off.

HIDE SELF VIEW — this is more like a real conversation/interaction and will allow others to still see and respond to you.

FOR LAPTOP: click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of your own video and select HIDE SELF VIEW.

FOR PHONE: click on three dots in lower right and select HIDE MY VIDEO IN GALLERY VIEW

Turn the brightness of your screen all the way down and just listen to the the session (best to check the screen briefly at start/end to address any business)

Turn your device away from you during the session, but make sure you can hear clearly.

Please utilize the CHAT feature before/during/after sessions. You can share your thoughts, ask a question, or just say hello/goodbye to the group!


ZOOM Meetings will stay OPEN  after end times. Please stay and say hello, drop comments in the chat, take a photo, let us know how you’re feeling, or listen to others debrief / catch up, or even meet someone new!

If you have private feedback for ARCOS or the Re/Training series, or you just aren’t into digital hangouts, you are always welcome to reply to the email that sent you the Zoom link ( ARCOS is happy to distribute feedback to other facilitators/collaborators or keep your comments confidential as you desire.