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Inspired by interviews with Syrian and Iraqi refugees during their first 90 days in Austin, Austin Classical Guitar’s 2017 musical project I/WE involved an international cast of musicians and artists and won “Best New Composition” by the Austin Chronicle. The 2020 reimagining of i/we added the power of embodied knowledge, reminding us that headlines and political issues are not theoretical concepts, but actions that affect actual bodies like our own.
The featured dance artists Bonnie Cox, Ginnifer Joe, Kaitlyn Jones, and Oddalys Salcido found their way to the project through their personal proximity to the experiences of migration, displacement, loss of home or culture, or the erasure of lineage or history.

• Movement Direction: Erica “EG” Gionfriddo
• Direction of Photography and Editing: Eliot Gray Fisher
• Music: Joseph V. Williams II
• Sound: Travis Marcum
• Costumes: Laura Gonzales
• Performers: Bonnie Cox, Ginnifer Joe, Kaitlyn Jones, Oddalys Salcido
• Producer: Matthew Hinsley
• Music Recording and Mixing: Todd Waldron
• Guitar: Isaac Bustos, Alejandro Montiel
• Violin: Jennifer Choi
• Cello: Louis-Marie Fardet
• Clarinet: Håkan Rosengren

- Texas State University, The Tower Is Us (A Prisoner’s Cinema), 70-minute interactive performance/game, San Marcos, TX, May 11–12, 2018

- Museum of Human Achievement, The Tower Is Us (A Prisoner’s Cinema) interactive performance/game invited workshop, Austin, TX, February 19, 2018

- Casa de Reyes, The Tower Is Us, 1-hour immersive installation-performance, San Antonio, TX, January 7,  2017

- Revolve Movement Display, The Tower Is Us, 2-hour immersive installation-performance Austin TX, November 4, 2016