Welcome to our free open playtest of PODS, a deep-listening body-processing experiment in the ongoing Ether series. 

You are welcome to linger here and witness the dancers in a durational movement practice. For best audio experience, listen with headphones.

Or, you can select a portal below and click “talk to me” to call in to a dancer who will listen to you speak and respond physically via a method of body processing: a pre- or post-verbal response to anything you’d like to share. Prompts will be provided, or you can express whatever is on your mind. Dancers will listen deeply and embody a response through movement and their own personal context. Speak, watch, listen as long as you’d like.

Responders: Celeste Camfield, Emily Tolson, Erica Gionfriddo, Ginnifer Joe, Kaitlyn B. Jones, Katie Hopkins, Mack Lawrence, Rachel Nayer, and Taryn Lavery

Sound: Mariam Gviniashvili