Check the message on the video feed.
“READY TO LISTEN” means this dancer is free to receive your call. Continue through the steps below.
“LISTENING” means the dancer is on the line with someone else. You are welcome to wait and watch or you can return to the homepage and select another portal.

STEP 1: SELECT one or two prompts that speak to you or make up your own. Slow down and take your time.

Tell me how you’re feeling. 

Describe what makes you feel connected to another person. 

Have you had any interesting ideas lately? 

What brings you comfort?

Tell me about the last thing you ate.

Do you like who you are right now? 

Has a stranger ever changed your life? Are they still a stranger to you?

Recall the sensations from the last time you held someone’s hand.

Paint a picture with words of a place where you are most inspired.

Introduce me to someone you value. Help me know them.

Walk me through the weirdest dream you’ve ever had. 

Walk me through a typical Sunday for you.

Imagine you are tasting your favorite pizza topping…describe it to me as if I’ve never tasted anything before.

How long have you been on a screen this past week? What have you been on a screen for?

When did you last shower? Tell me what you thought about.

What was the most impulsive decision you’ve ever made? Are you glad that you made it?

What was your favorite hair color you’ve ever had? Tell me why you loved it.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be? Take me there.

Who do you most want to be right now?

Reminisce about the best kiss you’ve ever had.

What is the spookiest experience you can’t explain?

What makes you uncomfortable?

Describe yourself as if you were a stranger.

Tell me about the person you think of most.

STEP 2: CALL the phone number to connect with this dancer.


STEP 3: SHARE verbally and WITNESS as the dancer responds through movement and their own personal context.

STEP 4: END your call when you’re done sharing. Feel free to watch here as long as you’d like or return to the PODS homepage.