Cohdi Harrell

Cohdi Harrell is a New Mexico-born performance maker currently living in Berlin. Coming from a backwoods history of training in circus and martial arts, he has spent the past seventeen years crafting, improvising, producing and examining the articulation and potential of the human body. A primarily self-taught trapeze artist and an untrained dancer, his unique approach to acrobatic performance art has brought him international acclaim. A 2013 recipient of the Makers Muse Award from the Kindle Foundation, his work has been featured in the New York Times, National Geographic, BBC and CNN amongst others. He is one half of the circus of two, The Ricochet Project, whose work has toured the world over with their award-winning show, Smoke and Mirrors. Outside of Ricochet, he works on his solo projects and often collaborates with Nature, Brian Mayhall, Dnumbers, and Coco Rosie.


Cohdi Harrell (top) and Laura Stokes (bottom) of The Ricochet Project
in their award-winning performance
Smoke and Mirrors.