Kevin Clark: Dancer

kevin heashotKevin Clark has been dancing and performing for as long as he can remember, has traveled extensively around the U.S. as a nationally recognized social dancer, competitor, teacher, and performer. He has taught as far away as Hawaii and as close as Houston, TX.

Kevin has won and placed in many competitions including 3rd place J&J Lindy Focus 2012, 2nd place couples Lindy on the Rocks 2011/2012, and the win of the 2009 ULHS with Groove Juice Special. His choreography has travelled to many national and international events and competitions. Kevin co-founded The Rhythm Project, an instructional Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz dance company, and has spent the last six years building and growing the Albuquerque dance scene. Currently, he is expanding his knowledge of Modern, Flamenco, and Ballet at UNM, and is guesting with ARCOS Dance for A Kinetic Encounter.