KRCC – The Big Something | The Warriors: A Love Story

On Episode 7 of The Big Something Radio Programme Eliot Gray Fisher of Austin-based ARCOS Dance spoke with Producer Jacob Brownell about The Warriors: A Love Story, a multimedia performance coming to Colorado Springs. Through an interdisciplinary mix of music, dance, theater, and film, The Warriors: A Love Story explores the love, lives and legacies of Colorado Springs residents J. Glenn Gray and Ursula Gray. Glenn and Ursula Gray met in Germany, the aftermath of World War Two. He was an American soldier from rural Pennsylvania with a PhD in Philosophy, she an accomplished dancer and athlete from the decimated German city of Dresden. After an unlikely courtship and marriage, the two found their way to Colorado Springs, where Glenn was offered a job teaching philosophy at Colorado College. In the decades that followed, the two would go on to make substantial contributions to the local community and national intellectual culture. In particular, Glenn would become known for his book The Warriors: Reflections on Men in Battle, published in 1959, as well as for his work as an early translator and champion of the 20th-century German Philosopher Martin Heidegger.


An Interview with Eliot Gray Fisher of ARCOS Dance (15:35)