Millie Heckler

Millie Heckler graduated with a BFA Dance degree from CU Boulder, where she received numerous scholarships for her passion and dedication. She’s toured with Street Dance Theater pioneer, Rennie Harris, both nationally and internationally and assisted Harris in the creation of choreography for world-renowned companies, pedestaling and preserving legacies of African-American and Latinx cultural movement traditions. Millie currently dances for Charles O. Anderson’s afro-contemporary company, dance theater X. Pursuing an MFA in Dance and Social Justice at UT Austin, Millie’s artistic work centers community outreach, multi-disciplinary performance, collaborative art making and facilitation, and equitable community dialogue. She has received recognition for winning the KRW Project: The Rounds Colorado dance battle and the Urban Renewal All-Styles Battle NYC. Under the name SoulFunktion, she facilitates public dance parties throughout the city of Austin with an intention to create safe spaces for anyone interested in uniting through music, dance, and self-expression. SoulFunktion core values include creativity, individuality, innovation, social equity, inclusivity, relentless self-progression, and the pursuit of fearlessness. Her solo projects have been commissioned throughout the state of Texas, New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts.