The Warriors on KUT Austin’s Arts Eclectic

KUT Austin spotlights ARCOS Dance’s The Warriors: A Love Story on Arts Eclectic! Directors Eliot Gray Fisher and Erica Gionfriddo speak about the interdisciplinary nature of The Warriors and how the immersive multimedia production engages a diverse audience through the intimate and personal story of J. Glenn and Ursula Gray. Check out the KUT blurb and listen to the short radio interview below.

The Warriors: A Love Story, from ARCOS Dance, isn’t an easy show to sum up, even for its creators. It’s a multimedia piece, using all the arrows in the ARCOS quiver: film, interactive video projections, live and recorded music, dance, theatrical elements, text, and narration. They’ve worked to make all those elements work together, though, “in a way that doesn’t feel like there are multiple media; we try to make it feel like as immersive an experience as possible for the audience,” says co-director Eliot Gray Fisher. “You can’t just call it theater or dance…we’ve been struggling with what to call it. We’re calling it ‘multimedia performance’ because that’s kind of broad.”


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