ARCOS is thrilled to welcome back Practice Progress this summer for a second UNtensive workshop. We are committed to reducing barriers to participation and offer this workshop virtually to include participants regardless of location and offer sliding scale donation based tuition. Scroll down to view the registration application.

The 2022 ARCOS Summer UNtensive, My Body Isn’t Theoretical, will be facilitated by anti-racist body based artist agitators Kai Hazelwood and Sarah Ashkin of Practice Progress. Kai and Sarah are offering three intertwining streams through which participants can craft their own experience throughout the week:

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Course 1: Embodied Anti-Racist Practice: Anti-Racism Is Not Theoretical

10am–12pm PT / 11am–1p MT / 12–2pm CT / 1–3p ET

Registration is required for the full 5-day workshop. This series takes place in two race-based affinity zoom spaces.

BIPOC Communal Rest Circle: We will cultivate rest, pleasure, and community. Through guided discussion and movement exercises, participants will have their feelings and experiences witnessed in knowing community. Drawing on the wisdom of authors like Resmaa Menakem (My Grandmother’s Hands) and adrienne maree brown (Pleasure Activism), participants will be guided through rest experiences, play with ways to care for their nervous systems, and set mindful boundaries to assert their value and their needs.

White Working Group: White people will deepen their understanding of white supremacy and their roles in counteracting it. Participants will read critical race theory from thinkers like George Yancy, Sara Ahmed, and Resmaa Menakem, and map personal and structural racism. Through large- and small-group discussion and movement practices, participants will apprehend racialized oppression as an embodied experience. Accountability partnerships and individual action goals lead to a fuller anti-racist practice for both within and beyond your organization.

Course 2: Pedagogy For Change: Learning Is Not Theoretical

12:30–2pm PT / 1:30–3p MT / 2:30–4pm CT / 3:30–5p ET

The stakes are real. Let’s change the classroom, the studio, and the academy. Designed for body-based educators of all levels, these sessions will look at tangible ways to shift the studio or the syllabus and draw on the experience of all gathered. Single-class drop-ins welcome.

Course 3: Creative Practicing: Creativity Is Not Theoretical

2:30–4:30pm PT / 3:30–5:30p MT / 4:30–6:30pm CT / 5:30–7:30p ET

No art is neutral. How are we committing to world-building in our creative practices? How can art and artists implicate themselves in the healing we all need now? Using radical care and raucous experimentation we will open our mindbodies to different approaches to creative creation. These sessions will meet on Zoom M/W/F and asynchronously with guided tasks on T/Th. Single Class drop-in welcome.


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Pedagogy for Change

12:30–2p PT / 1:30–3p MT / 2:30p–4p CT / 3:30–5p ET

6/21: Alice Sheppard (she/her)
6/22: Dr. Irvin Manuel Gonzalez (he/him/él) and Alfonso Cervera (he/they/él)
6/24: Bernard Brown (he/him) 

Creative Practicing

M/W/F 2:30–4:30p PST / 3:30–4:430  MT / 4:30–6:30p CT / 5:30–7:30 ET + T/Th asynchronous

6/20: Eva Yaa Asantewaa (she/her)
6/21: Miles Tokunow (he/him)  *asynchronous
6/22: Andrew Suseno (he/him)
6/23: Haruna Lee (they/them)  *asynchronous
6/24: Marjani Forté-Saunders (she/her)


ARCOS is happy to offer this UNtensive experience by donation. Our guests and collaborators are paid from other funding sources; your donation will not affect their compensation. Half of all donations received will be forwarded as reparations to an organization identified by UNtensive participants.

Suggested donation ranges:
$50–$100 per course
$10–$20 per drop-in class
$120–$300 full participation in UNtensive

Please donate via VENMO (@ARCOSdance) or PayPal

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Kai Hazelwood (she/her) is a transdisciplinary artist, educator, event producer, and public speaker raising the profile of bi+/queer and BIPOC community issues through art projects, community events, and public speaking. She has appeared in BuzzFeed videos and speaks at community events, high schools and colleges about bi+ and BIPOC community issues. Kai is currently an adjunct professor in dance department at Chapman University teaching Modern technique through an anti-racist framework. Kai is also the founder and artistic director of Good Trouble Makers, a practice driven arts collaborative celebrating plural-sexual/bi+ identities and centering BIPOC. Good Trouble Makers are dedicated to making. Making art, making room, making change, making good trouble. Kai is also co-founder of Practice Progress.
Sarah Ashkin’s (she/her) work tarries at the intersection of critical whiteness studies, site specific performance, and reparations pedagogies.  She is the co-director of GROUND SERIES dance and social justice collective and a co-founder of Practice Progress, a body-based anti-racism facilitation platform.  As a dedicated dance maker, educator, and organizer, Sarah uses dance as a multipurpose tool to dismantle and build our world for the better. Sarah holds a Masters in Dance, Politics and Sociology from the University of Roehampton, London and is a current doctoral student in Performance Studies at University of California, Davis.


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